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We're a small team of film fans, using movies and technology to make an awesome little iPhone app.

Ben Howdle, developer at Plot, the movie watchlist app

Ben Howdle


Jack Smith, designer at Plot, the movie watchlist app

Jack Smith


Kym Ellis, marketing specialist at Plot, the movie watchlist app

Kym Ellis


Ash Ward

Ash Ward


Rory Lailvaux

Rory Lailvaux


Brad Hanson

Brad Hanson


What we're working on

We set out to create a simple and slick solution for sharing/reviewing the movies we watch, seeing what our friends are enjoying, discovering new movies, and planning what to see in the future. For any fans of film, Plot should be your best friend.

Discovery is where our focus currently lies. Using a mix of intelligent technology and your social circle, we want to make sure you're never lacking ideas for your next movie night.

We're also talking about movies over on our blog, with our small team of writers covering reviews and previews each week.

Get in touch

Let us know if you've got any thoughts about Plot, or have any questions we can answer. Plot has been strongly shaped by feedback from the community, and we're always on the lookout for more.

Send us an email - hello@plotapp.io We aim to respond within 48 hours.

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